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Not all roofs are created equal

Your roof system is comprised of different components that work together to accomplish several goals. The first of which is to keep your home or building free from leaks. Other components of the roof system may be designed to keep your roof or attic cool (to reduce utility bills), to extend the life of your roof or roof decking, or to reduce ongoing maintenance costs. The quality of these components can significantly affect the performance and lifespan of your new roof.

At Pro-Tech Roofing, we work with each client to design a roofing system that meets the needs of the property and helps accomplish your goals in terms of design, longevity, and total cost of ownership.

Let’s look at a few premium features we may recommend for your roof.

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Attic Exhaust Ridge Vents

Shingle Roof Ridge VentExtend the life of your roof with effective attic exhaust ventilation. Attic ventilation is vital for a long-lasting roof. A ridge ventilation system provides better, more effective air flow than box vents because it exhausts air along the entire ridge. Here’s how a ridge vent can benefit you:

  • A ridge vent looks better than box vents
  • Removes excess heat and moisture to protect from roof deterioration
  • Helps prevent roof rot in your attic or roof deck
  • Limits growth of harmful mold
  • Helps protect stored attic items from mildew damage
  • Provides a guard against ice damming in winter
  • May help reduce utility costs

Eave Intake Vents

Eave Intake VentsIn addition to exhaust vents to move air out of your attic, you need to ensure you have adequate intake near the eaves of your roof. For roofs without soffits, we may recommend an eave intake solution as part of your roof ventilation system. Here’s how an eave intake system can benefit you:

  • Creates consistent flow of cool dry air
  • Excellent solution for roofs without soffits or those with exposed rafters
  • Works hand in hand with exhaust vents to ensure healthy flow of attic air
  • Helps protect stored attic items from mildew damage
  • Provides a guard against ice damming in winter
  • May help reduce utility costs

Premium Ridge Cap Shingles

Ridge Cap Roof ShinglesPremium ridge cap shingles are designed specifically for your roof system. This is an alternative to cutting shingles down to use on ridges, when installing a new asphalt shingle roof. Here’s how premium ridge cap shingles can benefit you:

  • Improve the overall look of your roof
  • Factory designed to complement the color of your roof shingles
  • Thicker and more robust than cut-up shingles
  • Designed for highest-stress areas of your roof, the hips and ridges
  • Dimensional look adds to the aesthetics of your shingle roof
  • Designed to perform better and resist cracking for a longer roof life

Lifetime Pipe Flashing

Lifetime Vent Pipe FlashingVent pipe boots are one of the first areas to leak on a roof. Conventional pipe flashings are made from elastomeric materials that are prone to cracking over time. Additionally, a reduction in the elasticity of the sealing boot can cause gaps to form between the pipe and the boot – allowing water to run down the pipe, leaking into your home. Here’s how they can benefit you:

  • Triple seal design eliminates leak potential
  • Allows pipe to move with thermal changes
  • Designed to last for the lifetime of your roof
  • Silicone materials will not crack or split like other materials
  • Compression collar keeps boot sealed tightly to pipe
  • Performs better on steep roofs
  • Will help you avoid attic mold and roof repairs later on

Ice Shield Leak Barriers

Ice Shield Leak BarrierVulnerable areas of your roof – like eaves, valleys, rakes, arounds chimneys, etc. – need additional leak barrier protection to comply with OUBCC building codes. This is a thicker, more robust barrier than normal underlayment and provides additional leak protection. Here’s how ice and water shield membranes can benefit you:

  • Provides addition leak protection in vulnerable areas
  • Help prevent water leaks from wind-driven rain
  • Helps prevent leaks if water backs up in gutters
  • Protects interior of home from leak damage so you can avoid costly repairs
  • Ensures compliance with local building codes

High Performance Underlayment

High Performance Roof UnderlaymentAs a better alternative to felt underlayment, we recommend using a high performance synthetic roof underlayment. Your roof’s underlayment provides a secondary water barrier below your shingles or other roofing materials. Unlike organic felt, high performance synthetic underlayment is inorganic. Here’s how high performance underlayment can benefit you:

  • Provides durable weather resistance during roof installation
  • Reduces water intrusion when exposed and before roofing materials installed
  • Offers longer term moisture protection when compared to standard felt
  • Specially designed materials resist tearing when walked on
  • Repels moisture, unlike standard felt which absorbs moisture
  • Provides a safer walking surface for roofing professionals
  • Includes warranty, whereas standard felt typically does not

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