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Tulsa Roof Storm Damage

Hail – Wind – Ice – Tree

Roof Storm DamageThe risk of roof storm damage is part of normal life here in Oklahoma.

Hazards come in the form of hail, strong winds, damaging ice and fallen trees…

…and if your home lies in the path of one of these crushing storms, you could experience rapid damage that leads to roof leaks.

That’s why it’s important to have a great local roofing company on speed dial and know what to do next.

If your roof gets damaged badly, you may need an emergency roof response with tarping or some other stopgap measure.

Followed by a permanent fix through your insurance company.

In this post… we’ll help you identify roof storm damage and let you know what to do next if you think you have it.

What Causes Roof Storm Damage in Oklahoma?

There are multiple ways your Tulsa-area roof can get damaged during a big storm.

And certain roof types carry a higher risk of damage than others.

Hail and wind are the most common culprits of roof storm damage in Tulsa and Northeast Oklahoma.

Let’s start there, and we’ll follow by looking at some other causes.

Roof Hail Damage

When big hail falls on your roof, it can damage your roof in several different ways.

On a shingle roof, hailstones can knock loose protective granules that are intended to protect the shingle from premature degradation.

When this happens, your shingles will fail faster.

Vulnerable to damaging UV rays from the sun (without protective granules), the asphalt and mat give way to leaks.

How hail damages shingles

In addition that that.

Hail can puncture or tear shingles through speed and blunt force.

If you have a tile roof system, hail can chip or crack tiles

…to the point that the tiles are useless.

Hail will also damage a roof made of wood shingles, metal, TPO, EPDM and other types of materials.

A trained eye can help you determine whether or not you have hail damage on your roof.

But to get an idea of what it looks like.

Here are some photos of roof hail damage on varying roof types.

Photos of Hail Damage

Roof Wind Damage

When wind hits your roof, it causes a combination of positive pressures pushing down on roofing materials.

And negative pressure pulling up on roofing materials.

Both cases can cause damage.

On an asphalt shingle roof (especially older or poorly installed), a strong wind gust or tornado can lift shingles.

As the front edge of a shingle gets lifted, the sealing strip is broken.

That allows wind to get under the shingle and lift it.

Sometimes you’ll see shingle edges raised above the flat surface.

Other times, you’ll see shingles torn off, exposing tar paper or wood deck underneath.

Missing Torn Shingles

On a tile roof, wind can lift tiles and cause them to “chatter” and crack.

As tiles are lifted, nails get loose worsening the problem.

Flat roofs experience great uplift pressures during strong winds, and the membrane can lift and tear in spots.

Here are a few photos of roof wind damage on varying roof types.

Photos of Wind Damage

Roof Ice Damage

Ice can damage your roof as well.

The primary cause of ice damage comes from ice dams.

Ice build-up on your roof is usually caused from inadequate attic insulation or poorly designed ventilation.

Heat on the bottom side of your roof deck melts snow, which then flows down your roof and re-freezes near the eaves.

Ice dams are apparent by telltale large icicles hanging from your roof.

Ice Dam Frozen Gutters

Ice can also build up due to clogged gutters.

When this happens, the ice can form a pool of water at the edge of your roof.

Causing water to seep into and under roof shingles, eventually leaking into your walls, behind siding or into the ceiling.

In addition to that.

Ice weight is very heavy and can deform your roof deck or gutters.

Here are a few photos of roof ice damage.

Photos of Ice Damage

Roof Tree Damage

We see tree damage to roofs all the time.

Tree branches (or entire trees) can completely demolish a roof.

They also present significant hazard to people inside the home.

For that reason.

It’s important to keep overhanging trees trimmed and maintained.

Tree Limb Fell Through Roof

Proactive tree maintenance could prevent a disaster later on.


Even with good tree maintenance, some damage may be unavoidable in tornado or severe wind situations.

If this happens to you, you’ll want a roofing company experienced at fixing roof tree damage. 

Photos of Tree Damage

If You Have Roof Storm Damage in Tulsa

If you notice any of signs of storm damage on your roof, it’s important to get it addressed quickly…

…before your roof starts leaking.

Northeast Oklahoma Roofing CompanyWhile some storms cause irreparable roof damage that requires a total roof replacement.

Other damage may be able to be fixed with a roof repair visit.

A quick response can help you avoid thousands of dollars of potential damage to interior or personal property.

Use extreme caution when inspecting your roof.

And please don’t climb on your roof, unless you are trained to do so.

If you’re not sure whether you have storm damage at all, contact a professional roofer for a roof inspection.

Pro-Tech Roofing offers storm damage roof repair and roof replacement in Tulsa and all surrounding communities.

Pro-Tech Roofing services all of northeast Oklahoma, including the communities of:  TulsaBartlesville, BixbyBroken Arrow, Jenks, Catoosa, Coweta, Claremore, Collinsville, Glenpool, Grand Lake, Oologah, Owasso, Skiatook, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Tahlequah and Wagoner.

Give us a call. We’ll be happy to help!

Storm Damage Roof Insurance Claims

You may be wondering…

“Should I file a roof insurance claim for storm damage?”

Our suggestion is that you should have your roof professionally inspected by a local roofer before filing a claim.

Call your roofer first!

A qualified local roofing contractor is trained to identify storm damage and may be able to help you avoid filing a claim that has no chance of approval.

Learn more about how the roof insurance claim process works.

If you have storm damage on your roof, don’t fret.

Most problems can be easily taken care of with the help of a storm damage roofing company.

We hope this helps you better understand what to do next if you have storm damage to your roof.

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