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roof in winter

During winter, it is important to know what could befall your roof. 

Hard weather conditions, extreme coldness and heavy snowfalls would cause different complications that might result in structural deficiencies of a roof. 

This article provides information on 7 typical winter roof damages and some preventive measures you may take to avoid them.

ice dam roof gutter damage

Ice Dams

An ice dam forms at the edge of a roof when melted snow refreezes, effectively blocking proper drainage. 

This may result in water seeping through, leaking and even causing damage to the structure. 


To avoid ice dams, ensure you have sufficient insulation and ventilation in the attic while also clearing off your roof from any snow to allow free flow of water.

snow maintenance

Snow Accumulation

Snow can overwhelm your roof with an unbalanced load causing the strains and even collapsing it. 


Snow should be removed frequently, either with a roof rake or by hiring qualified experts like Pro-Tech Roofing to do it for you. 

Secondly, think about snow guards to help spread the load of the snow more evenly.

gutter damage due to snow

Frozen Gutters and Downspouts

If gutters and downspouts get blocked up with ice, water is not able to discharge properly from the roof. 

This may lead to frost accumulation on the roof edges and a possible leak. 


It is recommended to clean the gutters prior to winter season, in addition, installing gutter heating cables to melt ice and ensuring drainage.

Condensation and Moisture

The combination of cold air on the outside and warm temperature that you have inside your home causes condensation to accumulate in the attic. 

This may lead to mold development, wood rot and damage of the insulation over time. 


Reduce condensation by improving ventilation in the attic, sealing air leaks and insulating your attic floor well. 

destroyed roof

Wind Damage

Frequently, winter storms are accompanied by powerful winds capable of dislodging or blowing away shingles, tiles and other roof materials. 


Check the roof regularly for loose components or damage, and fix them as soon as they appear. 

Moreover, strengthens vulnerable areas and use wind-proof roofing materials.

fallen tree on the roof

Tree Limbs and Debris

Limbs, branches, and other debris falling from trees during winter storms can cause considerable damage to your roof. 


When trimming tree branches and pruning trees that are growing around your home, always remember to remove the damaged or weak ones. 

Furthermore, regular cleaning of your roof of debris can help avoid potential blockages during the winter season.

ceiling leak

Freezing and Thawing Cycles

Temperature changes often destroy roof materials and cause permanent damage. 


Make sure that the roof is in good condition before winter with proper repairs and maintenance. 

Regular inspections followed by speedy repairs will help deal with emerging problems before they turn into larger ones.


By identifying these seven typical means by which your roof can be damaged in winter, and taking preventive measures to avoid such occurrences autonomously, you ensure the structural integrity of – not only yourself but also – future generations as well. 

Make regular maintenance a top priority, take measures to address any weaknesses and also consider consulting with an expert roofing contractor.

With any roofing need, trust only Pro-Tech Roofing

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Improve your roof before the winter by implementing a proactive approach as stated in this article. 

Let’s not allow the cold to affect your house’s front line of defense – its roof. 

Stay ahead and stay clear of any last-minute issues so you can have a safe, secure winter season.

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