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damaged roofOklahoma knows it’s weather patterns are extremely changeable and has often suffered severe storms which have caused huge destruction to both buildings in residential areas and business entities.

A smooth restoration and roof replacement depends upon being aware of all that comes under the insurance process. 

This is a complete guide that will assist you on the requirements and procedures for roof replacement insurance in Oklahoma.

However, after facing a natural disaster, you must consider safety first before taking measures to avoid additional harm on your roof. 

With that said, understanding the coverage and deductible associated with your policy will allow you to efficiently navigate through this process.

What to Do Right After a Natural Disaster Hit

During a natural catastrophe, like any hail, storm or a tornado occurring in Oklahoma, you should never forget to think about the safety of yourself and your family first!

After this danger has abated, however, you should consider taking appropriate steps to prevent additional ruin of your roof. 

destroyed roof

Here are the essential steps to follow right after a natural disaster hits:

Ensure Safety: Make sure that you find time after the storm but before you evaluate the damages on the ground that it is safe. 

For example, watch out for fallen electric lines or weakened structures. 

It is advisable that in any case of suspicion regarding such structural damage or any integrity compromises, you evacuate the premises and look for professional help urgently.

Document the Damage: Begin photographing the damaged roof and property immediately the area has become inhabitable again. 

Make sure you take clear photos or video from various angles so that your argument can be substantiated while lodging a claim against your insurance provider. 

Get as many wide ones, for example, as well as detailed views to show how severe it was.

Cover Exposed Areas: When your roof suffers such damage that expose it to the elements, take action immediately to keep more water out of your house. 

Cover the holes with tarpaulins, sheets of boards or any temporary patches in order to make them less noticeable. 

This will assist in preventing further leakages or more extensive structural damage.

What to Do Before Filing an Insurance Claim for Roof Replacement

Before making a roof replacement insurance claim in Oklahoma, it is vital to call a reliable roofer nearby.

Therefore, working hand in hand with an established and skilled roofer will be of great help during the claims procedure.

insurance negotiation

The knowledge they have with respect to insurance claims and their ability to guide the procedure through will make sure that your case is taken care of properly. 

These experts are able to accurately estimate the extent of damage on the roofs and also give a precise cost estimate. 

However, a well-known roofing company like Pro-Tech Roofing can approach your insurer and bargain for you in the process. 

The resulting roof will be durable and compliant since they are observing both quality of their workmanship and local regulations. 

As a whole, they help you get more value from your insurance policy leaving no holes in your roof replacement process.

Steps in the Insurance Process for Roof Replacement

The insurance process of roof replacement entails several essential steps that should be adhered to in order to achieve a flawless result. 

This understanding of these processes will guide you through the whole system.

It is important for every parent to know whether or not the child is prepared for potty training.

Here are the key stages involved:

Damage Documentation
You must report as quickly as possible the extent of any loss and/or damage to your roof after a natural disaster or other covered occurrence. 

Make sure that you take clear photos or video recordings from different views so as to have visual evidence. 

Mark any obvious signs of damage like worn out singles, leakages, and structure related problems. 

As critical, this information may be employed in formulating a successful claim of insurance.

Checking the Insurance Policy
Review your insurances policy well before filling of an insurance claim for roof replacements. 

Be mindful of the particular phrases associated with roof destruction and substitution. 

It is necessary for you to observe your deductible, coverage limits as well as exclusions and exceptions. 

Knowing your policy will help you know what to expect and allow for easy procedure of making your claims.

File a Roof Insurance Claim
Call your insurance company and start the procedure for roof insurance claim. 

Inform them of the damage, with all the details and relevant evidence you’ve gathered. 

Ensure you are ready with the date and site of occurrence, damage description and further proof if needed. 

Do not hesitate because you need to submit your claim before the time for claiming it expires in accordance with your insurance policy.

Consider Consulting a Public Adjuster

Public adjusters can sometimes be useful when damage was substantial or complicated and needs assessment. 

Public adjusters are specialists, which deal with the insurance claims.

You can use them for representation if need be. 

The appraisers will check the extent of damage, ascertain the insured risk, and negotiate for favorable compensation on their behalf. 

However, although a public adjuster may charge a fee, their knowledge will sometimes lead to larger compensations.

Scope of Work Insurance Approval
The adjuster will assess the amount of damage done and find out the extent of your coverage.

They will design a work order and specify the type of repair or replacement required within that scope.

Attend the adjuster’s visit, make sure everything is recorded as it happened.

Installation of Your New Roof
When the insurer sanctions the scope of work and decides the extent of the payment, then proceed with installing new roofing.

Pick a notable roofing contractor that is well informed about insurance claims and has knowledge of the replacement process.

To this effect, the contractor will undertake the new roof in accordance with the accepted scope of work with attention paid to all relevant standards as well as building codes.

Additional Information Regarding Insurance Roof Replacement

In regard to replacing an insurance roof, there are other vital considerations to take into account besides the first few stages.

insurance quote

Here is further information on these topics:

Insurance Payment Process and Supplements
If your insurance compensates you based on the roof replacement requirement, then it starts with payment stages. 

In most cases, insurance companies pay initially assuming the amount that it would take to repair damages or replace destroyed properties. 

Such an initial payment amount however does not take into consideration total costs of the project and therefore needs be covered by additional amount.

In case the actual cost is more than the preliminary quote, then it might be possible to apply for additional reimbursements from your insurer. 

These are known as supplements that pay for any other unknown damages detected while the work is in progress. 

It’s important for you to work closely with your roofer and itemize damage that will attract a supplemental payment.

Roof Warranties
The warrantees are important when you replace roof though insurance.

Many roofing materials also have a warranty from the manufacturers covering a few things like defects of specific problems with these products.

Nevertheless, one needs to confirm whether the policy covers a warranty on the installation work done by the roofer.

Ensure that the contractor gives you all the warranty documents and also explain to you about the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Analyzing both the manufacturer’s and contractor’s warranty duration and scope is important in this regard as it will ensure security that the investment has been placed on a good durable roof.

Replacement Cost Value (RCV) vs. Actual Cash Value (ACV)
Coverage amount determinations include replacement cost value and actual cash value, also called RCV and ACV.

Total Cost for Roof Covering Value (RCV) using contemporary material costs.

In the context of RCV, you are required to obtain an insurance policy that will completely cover all the costs needed in taking your damaged roof back to normal.

Payment by the insurer usually starts at the level of ACV.

The ACV is based on the depreciated value of your actual house taking into account things like its age, general condition, and state of wear.

An ACV may include the total amount deducted from depreciation after which you pay what remains as a cash obligation.

After you make a roof replacement, your recoverable depreciation could earn you more money depending on the policy regulations.

It is important when dealing with the insurance roof replacement process that you are aware of the insurance payment process and the supplements, as well as roof warranties and RCV vs ACV.

This information will enable you avoid possible payment loopholes, provide appropriate insurance cover for your roof and guide you on the expenses involved in replacing a roof.

Steps Involved in the Roof Preparation and Installation

First, safety measures.

Make sure that there is a risk-free workplace. 

This also entails the use of safety gear, putting up warning signs/barricades, and making sure that the environment itself has been cleared of possible dangers.

The removal of the old roofing materials is required as appropriate. 

This involves the removal of the old shingles, underlayment and any other degraded materials. 

The old roof should be removed appropriately in order to create room for the new roof.

roof repair

Then, check the underlying structure of the building after scraping off the old roof to detect any defects or problems. 

Reinforce a level base for a new roof by repairing the existing roof deck.

In addition, install a good layer of underlayment, like asphalt felt or a synthetic underlayment layer for resistance against a leak. 

The third layer serves as a barrier preventing water ingress and safeguarding the roof deck.

Install flashings so as to direct the water off these areas and ensure effective waterproofing.

Install the right roofing materials based on the kind of roofing system you choose. 

Such roofing materials may comprise of shingles, tiles, metal sheets, among others. 

Ensure a proper and secure fit by following the manufacturer’s recommendations and best practices for installation.

roof inspection

It is also important to have proper roof ventilation so that your roof system functions well and properly. 

Place appropriate vents on the roof such as ridge vents, or other types of ventilation components in order to encourage air flow within the attic and avoid accumulation of moisture therein.

Upon completion of the installation process, ensure the clean-up exercise is done by clearing the environment of wastes and other remnants. 

Check the roof and see if everything is fixed or not. Adjust as necessary.

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