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With the spring storm season fast approaching in Tulsa, keeping a roof in top condition should be a top priority in ensuring the house’s safety from the several damaging effects of severe weather. 

It’s good to note…

Tulsa face various types of natural disasters like hail, straight-line winds, thunderstorms, or tornadoes, but they also encounter floods, wildfires, or blizzards – especially during Spring Season.

Always remember!

These weather-related events could lead buildings with poor roofing system to experience extensive damage and, so, it is important to be proactive in the maintenance schedules to avoid this.

Natural Disasters in Tulsa


Tulsa has a good share of hailstorms during spring and summer.

hail damage

During those times, hailstone of different sizes can significantly damage roofs.

Straight Line Winds

The strong straight wind with high speed might appear during severe thunder storms.

wind damage

Hence, it is possible for the shingles of the roof to become damaged and leaks to happen.

Furthermore, there might be structural problems on the house.


Tulsa storms are notorious for their heavy rains, frequent lighting, and gusty winds.

lightning storms

All of which make your roofing vulnerable to detrimental conditions.


Tulsa is geographically situated in the Tornado Alley, therefore tornadoes can occasionally touch down in any part of the city.

tornado disaster

Thus destroying residential and commercial properties, including roofs.

Tips to Keep Your Roof in Good Condition Before the Disaster Hits

1. Schedule a Roof Inspection


A regular inspection is important to keep your roof at it’s best shape even before a disaster could happen.

roofer duty

Before the storm season starts, it would be better to engage the services of a professional company that will complete a thorough checkup of the roof.

Utilizing this thorough evaluation technique helps minimize the hidden risks in regards to any existing problems that are present in the roof structure. 

Skilled and experienced contractor helps notice detailed signs of damage that normally only an expert can spot. 

A comprehensive roofer’s assessment can reveal loose shingles, faulty flashing, or underlayment degradation that might escalate into larger issues during a storm and, thus, would be the case. 


A proactive maintenance comes in the form of a pre-storm roof inspection and serves as a means of fortifying your roof against the threat of damage…

And it does so while also easing your mind as the new season makes itself known.

2. Maintain Trees Around Your Home

Pruning overgrown branches and fixing the state of trees near your roof are some of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of roof damage during storms. 

tree trim

After all…

Branches, being overgrown put the roof at a risk of falling due to strong winds, hails or lightning strikes causing damage to the structure or puncturing. 

With the clearing of branches that overhang your house and the removal of those dead or broken trees from the immediate vicinity, you may achieve a significant reduction in the chances of damage to your property from downed trees. 

That’s the truth!

And in addition, this preventive action works best for your roof but also increases the safety and security of your property and everyone who lives in it. 

Developing the will to invest in tree maintenance is by far an efficient way to reduce your home’s level of vulnerability to a multitude of weather events.

3. Keep Gutters Clean

Keeping clog-free and debris-free gutter are essential in maintaining your roofing system intact and adding value to your property. 

overehelming roof clog

Roof gutters are needed to be maintained so rain water can flow down freely without water backup that can creep under shingles, and make the roof vulnerable to unpredictable weather. 

Frequent clearing of debris, leaves and anything else which obstructs the flow of water away from your roof is the best way to guarantee uninterrupted water flow through your gutters. 

By having clean gutters, you will lower the risk of water-related damage issues on the roof, such as leaks, water damage and mold presence. 


Although simple…

This undertaking is significant since it goes hand in hand with protecting your roof and prolonging its life. 

The practice of keeping a clean gutter is vital to having a strong roof to prevent water problems during in bad weather.

After Storm Care

1. Check for Roof Damage

Once the storm is over, doing a detailed examination of your roof is crucial to identify possible damages suffered during the stormy weather. 

poor roof installation

The thing is…

When surveying your roof, you should be keen to spot visual cues of destruction like missing or displaced shingles, open leaks, dents on metal parts, or any other abnormalities that may have appeared because of the storm. 

Because if you miss some damaged spots, that could lead to a bigger problem.

Being timely about locating and resolving such problems avoids their escalation and prevents the occurrence of side effects, such as water leakage, structural failure, or mold development. 

This inspection after a disaster is an extremely important part of supporting the architectural strength and the functionality of your roof to give protection to your property.

2. Call Your Roofing Contractor

Once the roof is checked for any damage after the storm, it is crucial to contact a reliable roofing company, like Pro-Tech, for a full roof evaluation and subsequent restoration. 

roof repair

Here’s why…

Experienced professionals are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to thoroughly assess the extent of the damage and offer personalized solutions that perfectly suit your roofing condition.

Entrusting the competence of a licensed roofing contractor guarantees the inspection alerts will not be overlooked and the troubles will be resolved before they develop into bigger problems. 

By hiring Pro-Tech Roofing, you will enjoy both their industry experience in addition to best workmanship and restoration to the structural integrity of your roof. 

And the best part!

The expertise of knowledgeable professionals not only helps to have timely hassle-free fixing of the damage but also allows you to have peace of mind.

You are assured to have confidence in their hands that the damage will be restored in no time.


Getting your roof prepared for the spring season storm in Tulsa?

Schedule your roof maintenance appointment with Pro-Tech.

Our team of experts can help you assess the condition of your roof, address any maintenance needs, and provide peace of mind as you face the challenges of severe weather.

Taking care of your roof in advance is the best thing to do to prepare your home and your loved ones for the upcoming storm season. 

Don’t delay any longer – implement roof maintenance straight away to protect your property from the might of disaster. 

Call us at Pro-Tech Roofing for reliable roof maintenance services as you prepare your roof for the storm season in Tulsa. 

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