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Worn Out Roof Shingles Replaced With Architectural Shingles

Check Out The Transformation of This Roof

Worn Out Roof Shingles Looking From PeakWorn out roof shingles put your home at risk for roof leaks.

We recently had the pleasure of helping a home owner replace a severely worn out roofing system.

With a beautiful architectural shingle that gave the home a complete curb appeal transformation (and will keep the home dry for years to come).

The old shingles had deteriorated so badly…

That they were curled and crumbling.

Let’s take a look at this project.

Before & After Pictures of This Worn Out Roof

First, let’s take a look at the home’s roof from the street.

When viewing these pictures from street level…

It’s a little difficult to see just how worn out this roof was.

But, the roof shingles had completely failed, and it was at severe risk for roof leaks.

The second picture shows the home after it had been re-roofed with architectural asphalt shingles.

Old Roof Before Replacement
Old Roof After Replacement

A Closer View of the Deteriorated Roof Shingles

When you view the top of this roof.

You can see just how hard the Oklahoma sun had been on these shingles.

Close Up View of Curling Brittle Old Shingles

Asphalt roof shingles deteriorate for several reasons.

Often times the breakdown starts with granule loss.

Brought on by shingle blistering.

Or hail.

Hail could have been the culprit that caused the original roof storm damage.

But it’s hard to tell on a roof this worn out.

As you can see, the granules had worn off in several spots.

The Reason That’s Problematic

The granule layer that coats the top of each roof shingle…

Acts as an insulation barrier for the asphalt mat that makes up the bulk of the shingle itself.

When you lose granules, the shingle is more vulnerable to damaging UV rays from the sun.

Which hastens its deterioration.

Eventually drying out the shingle and causing it to curl, become brittle and tear in several spots.

How hail damages shingles

This scenario is exactly why you want to get your roof inspected soon after any storm that drops hail larger than 3/4″.

If you can catch the damage early, you may be able to file an insurance claim for roof hail damage.

Surprisingly This Roof Did Not Leak

When we first met with the home owner, we expected to hear that the roof had been leaking.

But to our surprise, it had not.

Interestingly, the original installer of this roof…

Had laid down three layers of felt underlayment prior to installing the shingles.

Without that, this worn out roof would have surely leaked long ago.

The Roof Deck Needed Replacement

We replaced the roof deck.

And laid down synthetic underlayment prior to installing the new shingles.

New Roof Deck on Old Roof

Look at the Transformation From Old Worn Out Roof to New

Here’s another view of the roof.

Looking down from the peak over the back of the house.

Where there was also a small flat section.

It’s now beautiful, safe and dry.

The Old Worn Out Roof Before Replacement
The Old Worn Out Roof After Replacement

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Hire a Roofer to Replace Your Worn Out Roof

When your roof is beyond repair, you need to find a great roofing company who can help you with replacement.

There are several roofing companies out there.

Some do good work, and some only deliver bad work on roofing jobs.

For peace of mind…

Select an experienced, local roofing contractor that will be here for you next month, next year or 10 years from now.

Not sure where to start? Check out our post all about hiring a reliable roofing contractor.

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