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Whatever roofing project you are considering, hiring the correct roofer will decide whether it’s successful or not. 

It is essential to ask questions in order to select a credible and competent expert while choosing one from the available candidates.  

Finding the perfect roofing contractor is a vital step in ensuring the success of your roofing project.

Whether you need repairs, replacements, or a completely new installation, the quality of the contractor you choose can make a significant difference in the outcome. 

This article provides answers to ten top questions one should ask before hiring a roofer.

Tips on Finding a Great Roofing Contractor

Do Thorough Research

Start with a search close to home.

Ask your friend, relatives, neighbors, and colleague if they can refer someone who they have worked with personally in the past. 

They could provide you names of ones you can hire or not to hire.

roofer research

Referrals are important because they are from those people you trust.

Ask them if they are satisfied with the contractor’s craftsmanship, professionalism and overall experience. 

Use the internet to extend your list of probable roofing contractors. 

Look at the reviews of customers, check their sites, and their webpages as well. 

Ensure the expert has a great track record of success among the customers it serves.

Verify Credentials & Assess Experience

Make sure that the roofing contractor is licensed, insured and bonded. 

Your roof needs to withstand severe weather and natural disasters – they must be legit and experienced.

professional roof repair

To further safeguard yourself from any liabilities, ask for evidence of insurance such as worker’s compensation and liability insurance before choosing a roofer.

Assess the experience of the contractor in working with residential houses and commercial buildings as well as in the roofing industry. 

Select a contractor that has had multiple successful projects in the past.

Evaluate Professionalism & Check for Certifications

Selecting a roofing contractor should also be based on experience from the outset. 

Evaluate them based on communication ability, response time, and ability to follow through. 

checking roof certifications

Your chosen contractor call back in a timely manner, respond accurately to your questions, and give you clear information.

Certifications by manufacturers signal a contractor’s dedication to high standards and skillfulness. 

Such certifications, for instance, are usually conferred to contractors who have proven their skills.

It is important to use the best roofing materials for your project.

Find out whether the proposed contractor has any certificates issued by respected roofing materials manufacturers. 

Request References & Review Portfolios

Request a list of previous clients who can give references from the contractor.

Contact these references and try to find answers regarding it.

roof leak repair

Ask if the contractor produced quality work, time keeping, professionalism, and whether there was satisfaction in the final product delivered.

They should be meticulous with the details.

Make sure they do great work – some finished projects look good and pretty but when it rains, water leaks show.

Ask to see samples of the contractor’s previous work.

That will enable you to determine if they have met the required standards and the extent in which they can meet your special needs and tastes.

Ensure that they pay attention to details, demonstrate artistry in what they do, and always comply with professional standards.

Get Written Estimates

Ask for different quotes, estimates or contracts in writing from various firms for comparison.

written estimates

The estimates should be clearly stated in terms of the scope of the work involved, the raw materials used, the cost implication thereof, as well as the timeframe required for completion.

Avoid very low or very high estimations; where appropriate, verify reasons for fluctuations from norms.

Trust Your Gut

Finally, trust your instincts.

Consider your level of comfort with the contractor and their crew.

trusted roofer

Without a good working relationship, no project can be successful.

Select a contractor who places emphasis on his client’s needs, is able to discuss issues with you, and is also ready to solve any problems together with you.

The One-on-One

After your comprehensive research, you should know it is different when you get the information directly from them.

Each question in this guide acts as a vital checkpoint, empowering you to make an informed decision and choose a roofer who will deliver excellent craftsmanship, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.

Sit down and take notes!

1. Are you licensed and insured? 

Make sure that your roofing contractor is licensed to work within your local area. 

In addition, request the workers’ compensation and general liability certificates as evidence of such insurance. 

This is provided by comprehensive insurance to shield you from liability as a result of accidents and damages during the project.

2. How many years have you been in business? 

Ask about the roofer’s experience at work. 

The fact that there is a firmly rooted Roofing Company in existence which has been in operation for long time means that it is an experienced and stable entity in the field with a reliable reputation towards clients. 

Find an established contractor.

3. Do you have any recent or past client references? 

Always have in mind to ask about the past clients and call them. 

Ask them whether they had a good experience working with the roofer, the quality of the work done, if all deadlines were met, and how well the roofing contractor communicated. 

Doing this will help you know how people rate the roofer and the satisfaction they had for his workmanship earlier.

4. Do you have manufacturer certifications? 

It is not uncommon for roofing manufactures to award certification to contractors who prove their craftsmanship and satisfy specific criteria. 

You should ask whether or not the roofer has any manufacturer certifications because this signifies high quality standards and professionalism.

5. Will you present us with a contract in writing? 

The best kind of roofer should give you a written quotation that provides coverage on the areas being worked on, the materials involved, time needed as well as the cost implications. 

Make sure that you are given an all-inclusive contract which includes every aspect of the project. 

Take time to review and seek clarification if it’s necessary on them before moving on.

6. Does your warranty cover against defects in workmanship & materials? 

Seek clarification on the warranties provided by the roofer. 

The contractor should offer a warranty for the workmanship as well as the material used. 

Be aware of the lengths and range of these warrantees and make sure it is very clear in the contract.

7. In terms of safety, what are your precautions? 

Make sure that the roofers have their utmost safety at heart in the course of the process. 

Ask about their safety measures, the training they give to the employees, as well as how they avoid accident equipment. 

Therefore, a good roofer should make sure their workers won’t cause damage on your property.

8. What are the permits needed? 

Ask the roofer whether he will seek the necessary permits for the project on your roof, etc. 

The procedure of getting proper permits ensures that the work is performed according to the local building codes and regulations.

9. What will be your procedure for removing debris? 

Inquire if they will remove any waste after completion of the project. 

The plan for a professional roofing contractor would include efficient trash clearing and disposal of metal flashing, shingles, nails, and other waste.

10. What is the schedule leading up to the project? 

Ask about when the roof replacement will occur. 

A trustworthy roofer should give you an estimate in advance, as well as notify you of any changes or postponements due to unexpected circumstances.


If you ask these ten important questions, you will gather useful information for making a well-informed decision when hiring a roofer. You don’t want a bad roofing job.

roof repair

In the same way you should examine how well they have responded to your questions, look at various other contractors and judge all of them based on overall standard professionalism as well as reputation that is already established. 

Don’t risk a mediocre roofing project that leaves you disappointed and facing unnecessary expenses down the line. 

For a trusted roofing professional, look no further and contact Pro-Tech Roofing team! 

Always remember that it is worth your while to find the best roofer if you want good results and a great feeling.

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