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In Tulsa, roof leaks are among the biggest concerns of both homeowners and commercial property owners especially when it rains. 

But it’s not just leaks you have to worry about. Water over time, may cause long-term structural problems and mold growth if not addressed. 

In this article, we shall discuss the process of fixing roof leaks in Oklahoma City, effects of heavy rains on roof leaks, if insurance covers roof leaks as well as different kinds of products used for fixing roof leaks.

Discovering roof leaks during heavy rain

In many cases, roof leaks are found after noticing signs and evidence of water penetration during heavy rains. 

With more rainfall, water can penetrate the damaged areas on the roof like cracked flashing, missing shingles, and weakened sealants. 

heavy rain

However, roof leaks during heavy rain make the situation worse since the initial small leaks become more obvious and lead to internal damage growing by the day. 

As such, homeowners and property occupants need to quickly locate and fix the leaking spot to save the building from huge problems down the road.

Steps in Repairing Roof Leaks in Tulsa

When it comes to repairing roof leaks in Tulsa, it’s important to follow a systematic approach to ensure effective and lasting solutions.

Here are the steps involved in repairing roof leaks:

Identify the Source

First, locate the point that is leaking the roof. 

Ensure that you look closely at the roof for visible signs of damage – such as missing/damaged shingles, cracking flashing and worn out sealant. 

Another clue to finding the leaking point of entrance is water spots in ceilings and walls inside the property.

But this can be deceiving, because sometimes water travels. 

So it’s important to enlist the help of a trained, professional roofer to inspect your roof.

temporary measures

Temporary Measures

It’s important to make temporary repairs if you have roof leaks after heavy rain.

For example.

A person may use roofing tarps or patches to cover the affected part and redirect water away from critical areas until a qualified roofer attends to the problem.

professional roof repair

Hire a Roofing Professional

For quality and effective repair services of a roofing, you should look for a trusted, local roofing expert based in Tulsa. 

Don’t go for the cheapest roofer.

There are roofers who charge too little – and it can be enticing – but you should be aware as this can be a sign that they would do a bad roofing job.

Experienced contractors like Pro-Tech Roofing can pinpoint exactly where the leak is coming from and help with a plan to fix it.

By doing this, they can determine if there are other required repairs or services that should be undertaken on the entire roof.

repair damage component

Repair or Replace Damaged Roof

Having discovered the cause of the leak.

The roofer will then conduct a replacement and restoration on the components in question. 

This could include replacing missing or damaged shingles, sealant, damaged flashing, fix damaged vent boots and all other contributing structural issues that may lead to a leak. 

The issues that caused the leakage should be addressed before sealing to prevent future incidents and ensure the sturdiness of the roof to last a long time.

roof inspection

Inspect and Test

Your roofer will inspect the final product to ensure water tightness. 

It is also a vital confirmation that the leak is completely sealed to prevent another damage in the future. 

Inspection may require an examination of other parts of the roof as well.

Roof Leak Repair Products

There are several products for roof leak repairs which may be used as an immediate or long term solution according to the extent of a leak.

roof leak repair

Sealants and Caulks

The versatile sealant and caulk are applied for a gapped crack and seam in the roof system. 

These seals are water-tight while shielding potential breakages from more invasion of water. 

These come in handy when performing minor repairs such as on the flushing, vents, chimney joints etc.

Roof Patches

Roof patches, which is meant to be only a short-term measure, can fix minor to modest roof leaks. 

Sometimes, they appear as adhesive patches or tape which are used to cover up the leaking section.

During emergencies, or when prompt repairs have been deemed impossible, roof patches are helpful.

Roof Coatings

There exist liquid coatings which can be applied upon the whole roof for protection. 

They are mainly installed on a flat roof for sheilding purposes and can be helpful in making a roof water proofing. 

There are various types of roof coatings such as acrylic silicone and elastomeric which offer long term protection against leaking, ultraviolet(UV) damage and weathers amongst others.

Flashing Repair Products

Flashings are highly important, especially on top of the roof penetrations, such as valley gutters, chimneys, and other weak locations where water ingress can happen. 

Specialised flash repair services include self-adhering tapes or flashing membranes. 

They are ideal for correction of leaking due to failures of flashing.

Does Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

Insurance coverage for roof leaks depend on particular policy provisions.

Make sure you understand the specifics of what is covered under your insurance so that you can ascertain whether or not roof leaks are involved.

insurance quote

Policy Coverage

Always make sure to review your insurance policy to determine which damages get insured.

You must know about the roof replacement insurance process in your area.

Usually policies cover unforeseen and accidental loss due to specific accidents like thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and falling branches.

However, it is more likely that roof leaks from such incidences would be included.

Gradual Damage

Such damages are normally excluded from insurance policies, especially gradual ones caused by normal usage.

Depending on the specific case, a roof leak resulting due to long-term negligence, lack of maintenance, or preexisting condition may exclude coverage.

This form of insurance primarily deals with unexpected damages that are not anticipated such as gradual depreciation.

roof gutter cleaning

Maintenance Responsibility

However, insurance companies tend to expect homeowners and property owners to have taken care of roof maintenance as a part of their responsibilities.

This entails inspection, maintenance, repair, and expeditiously taking care of any evidence of damage.

The insured should ensure that they fulfill these duties or else their claim might be denied for roof leaks.

Policy Exceptions

It is essential to take note of any exclusionary or limited provisions that may be outlined in your plan.

Some policies may also include explicit provisions concerning roof leakage, including but not limited to deductible amounts, upper policy limits and specification on which types of roofs are allowed depending upon its construction and method of installation.

Claims Process

In case of your roof leaks and if you think that your insurance can cover this loss, call a roofer for an inspection before calling your insurance provider.

Your roofer will help document damage and give you an idea about how the claim process works.

In this case ensure that you document all damages, photos, and evidence to support your claims so as to enhance it.


Roof leaks require a systematic approach that involves finding the defect, hiring professional roofers, fixing the damaged parts, and inspecting the fixed section thoroughly. 

Severe rains may exacerbate roof leaks, hence prompt and adequate actions must be taken before these develop into more serious issues. 

The issue with leaky roofs and coverage depends on the policy but the most vital thing would be to read your policy document. 

Moreover, many roof leak repair products are also readily available, giving you the choice of either a short term fix or long-term solution. 

A prompt response backed by expert help is crucial for property owners in Tulsa as they deal with roof leaks that may threaten other parts of the building.

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