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What is a Commercial Roofing System?

The commercial roofing structure for commercial buildings consists of diverse materials, ways of designing, and the installation is custom-made just to suit the exceptional needs of large-scale buildings.

Aerial View of TPO Roof Installed

Unlike residential roofs…

Commercial roofs are generally vast and are thus exposed to a variety of stressors like human and vehicle traffic, equipment installation, and complex HVAC systems.

Such roofing systems are engineered to ensure that your commercial properties are secured from weather, energy efficiency, durability and longevity.

In this article, you’re going to learn about commercial roofing and the importance of choosing the materials you will use that will suit well with your property.

Common Types of Commercial Roof Styles

Flat Roof

A flat roof is among the most preferred variants for commercial structures for its concise design and wide opportunities.

Flat Roof Style

The ability to integrate readily with HVAC devices, solar panels, and green roofing systems is among the key potentials.


Efficient water drainage is essential to avoid uncontrolled water accumulation and leaks.

Gable Roof

Gable roofs, which are simply triangle-shaped and yet have slanting sides, are often used for industrial properties.

Gable Roof Style

They come with great attic space, good water runoff, and proper ventilation.

A good thing about a gable roof?

It can tolerate all sorts of roofing materials including shingles, that lead to durability and weather resistance.

Butterfly Roof

Butterfly roofs differ from other roofs because they have an upward curve, and has a drastically different architectural appearance.

Butterfly Roof Style

The business with butterfly roofs usually employs the valley located in the middle for water collection.

Now that’s practical and sustainable in one!

Hip Roof

A hip roof exhibits the sloped sides on all four sides, where the ridge runs along the top.

Hip Roof Style

Hip Roof has proved to be stable, can resist strong winds, and have a good drainage system that’s suitable in places with intense winds and heavy rain fall.

Gambrel Roof

Gambrel roofs form two slopes on each side, which gives them a strikingly barn-like appearance.

Gambrel Roof Style

They may be used as additional space for warehouse storage or they can be used as a means of improving the overall beauty of commercial buildings.

Good-looking + Spacious…


Mansard Roof

Mansard roofs are briefly recognized for its four-sided double slope, which mostly give the typical appearance to the French architecture.

Mansard Roof Style

The upper levels in such structures act as an additional storage space.

They also work to build an aesthetic appeal for the commercial properties.

Shed Roof

Shed roofs are made up of a single sloping flat plane that is attached to a bigger wall.

Shed Roof Style

They are of simpler designs, affordable and can divert water from drains.

Shed roof is commonly used in contemporary and industrial motif commercial buildings at the present time.

Types of Commercial Roof Materials

Commercial Shingle Roofing Systems

In terms of commercial buildings, the shingle roofing system – though predominant in residential structures – is finding its way into commercial structures.

Boral Stone Coated Steel Shake Shingle

These systems provide a versatile and cost-effective roofing system for those businesses that want to balance style and functionality.

Commercial shingle roofs come in different materials, including asphalt, wood, fiberglass or composites.

This can be instrumental in improving the aesthetical value of a business property.

Besides the aesthetic appeal…

Shingle roofing systems are well known for their ease of installation thus becoming a preferred choice for businesses that are looking for effective roofing solutions that can be implemented quickly without much interruption.

The durability and weather-resistant quality of commercial shingle roofing systems are among their advantages from unfavorable weather conditions.

Why does this matter?

Modern shingle materials are specifically made to withstand severe weathers such as wind, rain, hail, and sun rays and hence, are guaranteed for long-term performance and minimal maintenance needs.

Commercial TPO Roofing Systems

Commercial TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing membranes have easily earned their fame in the commercial roofing field because of their solid performance, energy efficiency, and ease of installation.

TPO Roof in Oklahoma Aerial View

These single-ply membrane systems are known for their suitability to the needs of industrial buildings as they provide ultimate protection to weather and are UV resistant.

TPO roofs that reflect the sunlight are the primary type creating coolness and less heat absorption which in turn decreases energy costs and increase the energy efficiency of commercial buildings.

They offer good flexibility, and their seam strength is remarkable, which makes them a perfect choice for large, flat surfaces (usual for commercial rooftops).

You should note…

TPO membranes are extremely resistant to severe weather elements like strong winds, massive rainfalls, and swings in temperature.

That gives a guarantee that commercial properties are properly shielded against the possibility of damage.

Besides being low-maintenance, the TPO roofs need less upkeeping compared to other types of roofing, hence give the businesses a low-cost, reliable option for their roofs.

Commercial Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofing offers top protection from harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, wind, hail and snow, making them suitable for commercial properties in areas with extreme climates.

metal roof

It is important to note…

Metal roofing has a reputation for its longevity!

Many of these roofs may go up to 50 years or more with regular maintenance, guaranteeing the businesses of a more cost-effective and green roofing alternative.

Metal roofs are resistant to rot, fire, insects, and mildew, ensuring they maintain their structural integrity and appearance over time.


Metal roofs are energy-efficient, reflecting solar radiation and reducing cooling costs for businesses, making them an environmentally friendly choice too.

Commercial EPDM Roofing Systems

EPDM membranes are often a good choice for their ability to stretch and contract with temperature changes and are suitable for flat or low-slope roof systems typically found in commercial buildings.

epdm roof

These types of chemically compounded membranes provide an outstanding barrier to ultraviolet light, ozone reactions, and high thermal shocks thus increasing the product’s longevity and reducing the maintenance duties for commercial properties.

Reliability and longevity are among the essential benefits you get when commercial EPDM roofing systems are used.

Once they are adequately installed and properly maintained, EPDM roofs can offer commercial properties watertight and weatherproof shielding that can withstand the elements and provide prolonged protection to the property.

What’s more?!

EPDM roofing systems have a reputation of being quick and easy to repair, making it possible for localized damage to be fixed fast and efficiently.

Commercial Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems

The commercial Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems are one of the most preferred options for good quality flat or low-slope roofs on commercial buildings because of their impressive durability, weather resistance, and versatility.

modified bitumen

These are multilayered systems that feature the base sheet and one or more layers of modified bitumen membranes.

The surfacing material, which can be smooth, granulated, or reflective, is applied over this.

And check this!

Integrating conventional roofing material like asphalt with polymer-modified bitumen technology gives rise to a highly resilient and weather-proof roof that offers enhanced strength, flexibility and protection against harsh conditions.

One of the key advantages of commercially Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems is their excellent waterproofing properties and resistance to thermal shock.

Small water leaks could lead to bigger problem,s especially to vast roofs like commercial properties – this material could help you avoid water leakage costs.

Modified bitumen membranes are designed to expand and contract with temperature fluctuations, ensuring that the roof remains structurally sound and watertight.

These roofing systems are also known for their longevity and low maintenance requirements, making them a cost-effective and reliable option for commercial properties looking for durable roofing solutions.

Commercial Tile & Slate Roofing Systems

Commercial Tile & Slate Roofing Systems are known for their traditional beauty, strength and premium look.

They are often the preferred choice for businesses looking for a traditional elegant plus long-lasting appearance.

Boral Stone Coated Steel Roofing Tile Red

Tile roofs are the ones that use materials like clay, concrete, or composite, while slate roofs are those that are manufactured from natural stone.

These roofing systems feature superior durability against fire, pests, and inclement weather conditions which promotes a long life and visually appealing building for generations to come.

For sure…

The expensive and prestigious appearance of the tile or slate roofing brings about an element of luxury and gives the commercial building a classy and refined look which thus increases its curb appeal and enhances its value.

One of the core benefits Commercial Tile & Slate Roofing Systems have is their long life expectancy and low upkeep.

Regular maintenance is very much needed to keep your commercial roof at its best, tiles and slates are well-renowned for their long lifespan and can serve for as long as 50 years if you have proper care and maintenance.

The fact that they are rated by industry standards to be resistant to fading, rotting, and warping means that they can be used as a cheap but long-lasting roofing solution.

By being aesthetically pleasing, resistant to wear, and sustainable, Tile & Slate Roofing Systems is a superior roofing alternative that features a classic design with the strength to outperform other options.

Commercial Roof Coatings

These coating systems are considered viable options for the prolonged life of commercial roofs, improving energy conservation as well as offering wind and watertight protection.

Metal Roof Restoration Tulsa

These coatings are carried out directly to the roofs so that smooth and waterproof membrane are formed that prevents water ingress, UV damage, and weather-related damage.

With the effect of reflecting sunlight and preventing the building from absorbing heating, roof coatings can improve the building’s energy performance by decreasing cooling expenses during hot season.


They can prolong the life of the roof by shielding it from harmful UV rays and reducing thermal stress, leading to fewer repairs and replacements over time.

One of the key advantages of Commercial Roof Coatings is their versatility and adaptability to different roofing materials, including metal, asphalt, EPDM, and TPO.

Roof coatings offer businesses a cost-effective alternative to roof replacement, providing a protective layer that can extend the life of the existing roof while improving its performance and durability.

Commercial BUR Roofing Systems

Commercial Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Systems, also known as asphalt and gravel roofs, are a time-tested and reliable choice mostly for flat or low-slope commercial roofs.

commercial bur roof

Constructed from multiple layers of bitumen-saturated felts and asphalt, BUR roofs offer excellent waterproofing properties and thermal resistance.

One of the key advantages of Commercial BUR Roofing Systems is their proven track record of performance and longevity.

BUR roofs have a reputation for withstanding harsh weather, UV exposure, and foot traffic, making them a reliable choice for commercial buildings seeking a resilient roofing solution.

And here’s more!

BUR roofs offer excellent fire resistance, providing an added layer of safety and protection for commercial properties.

The ability to customize the number of layers in a BUR system allows for enhanced strength and waterproofing capabilities, making it a versatile and cost-effective option for businesses looking for a durable and low-maintenance roofing solution that can provide lasting protection and peace of mind.

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